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Höljes, 07 July 2019 – Team HANSEN MJP strengthened its lead in both the FIA World Rallycross Championship drivers’ and teams’ classifications, with Kevin Hansen scoring a second place and both cars making the Final.

A challenging start to the weekend on Saturday left Kevin and Timmy Hansen P9 and P16 after Qualifying 2 respectively: Timmy had picked up a puncture in Q1 that left him P21, while Kevin faced the worst track conditions of all five heats in Q2 and lost time.

But a brilliant comeback in Q3 and Q4 put them both back into the fight, lining up second and third for Semi Final 1 on Sunday. Timmy went for the lap one joker strategy, while Kevin then took the lead a couple of laps in, ending up in a door-to-door duel as Kevin exited from his joker lap.

There were no orders from team boss and 14-time European RX champion Kenneth, with both free to race for position. A great fight ensued, with Kevin keeping the inside line for the Velodrome to take the lead back after losing it momentarily, leading his brother home in second.

The final was a mix of joy and sadness, as a potential double podium disappeared. A great overtaking move into the joker on lap one put Timmy third, which became second when Kevin took his joker. But a puncture on lap three ended his hopes, finishing sixth.

A determined Kevin locked his sights on compatriot Sebastian Eriksson after his joker, closing in during the final laps. A last corner move nearly worked, deftly trying to squeeze down the inside, though not quite enough to take the win.

Kevin has now retaken the lead of the FIA World RX drivers’ championship, six points ahead of his brother Timmy. Team HANSEN MJP’s lead in the teams’ championship is now up to 43 points, with four championship rounds remaining.


Timmy Hansen

Qualifying 1 20th
Qualifying 2 4th
Qualifying 3 2nd
Qualifying 4 6th
Semi-Final 2 2nd
Final 6th

Kevin Hansen

Qualifying 1 4th
Qualifying 2 17th
Qualifying 3 3rd
Qualifying 4 3rd
Semi-Final 2 1st
Final 2nd


There was no home victory for Team HANSEN MJP but it was still a great weekend all around, with points gained on key rivals in both championships.

Höljes lived up to its reputation as one of the best rallycross tracks in the world, providing breathtaking action for the fans from start to finish.

Timmy and Kevin, who are still 1-2 in the title race, were competing head-to-head for position more than once this weekend. Both showed their class, racing hard but fair in their semi-final battle.



The number of spectators that came to Höljes for the ‘Magic Weekend’ of World RX action, a new record.


“It was a good day today, recovering to fifth position from 16th in qualifying. We saved a lot of points with a good result.

“The Finals were completely dry, which is how I prefer Höljes. The Semi Final was brilliant – it was a very interesting race and battle all the way through with Kevin. We came out side by side after the joker; the racing was very fair and we were still fighting very hard on the track, but in the right way. I did everything I could to overtake him but still gave him space. That’s how we race and this time he won the battle and the Semi Final, which was great for Kevin.

“The final was a good race. I made a nice pass on Grönholm into the joker on the opening lap, which put me in a good position to chase Eriksson for the lead. I was close but I tried too hard, pushed too much and went over the limit and got a puncture. I wanted to win too much, but that’s me, I need to try! If I’m in a position to win I will always try and give it everything. This time it didn’t pay off but it will another time.”


“It was really a tough afternoon. The whole weekend has been completely crazy! Having such different weather during the weekend makes it hard, but we managed to stay in the front, and that was really important for the Semi Final. When I came out of the joker, I saw someone on the inside. I almost spun and didn’t notice it was Timmy until I came back the right way! It was a big shock but we managed it well.

“In the final, when I took my joker and saw Timmy ahead, I thought we would work together to catch the leader but unfortunately he had a puncture, so I had to get past him quickly. It worked and I managed to catch Eriksson, thinking that he had a puncture. So I though he’d run wide at the final corner and I’d stick my nose up on the inside, but he didn’t have a puncture after all! So I had to back out.

“Second place at home feels amazing and in the end and we scored a lot of points for the championship, both for me and the team. It was a really cool event and a good weekend.”


“I’m the spotter for Timmy, with Graham Rodemark as Kevin’s spotter, so we get the best out of both of them and try to beat each other. That’s how we have done things and will continue that way. It looked hard, and of course we can have trouble sometimes like getting a puncture, but we don’t want to give up racing and have them queuing up; we want to fight and that’s our spirit.

“We want to push Timmy and Kevin, so during the final I tried to push Timmy to catch Eriksson and we were on the way there. Then unfortunately he was a little tight in one place and broke the wheel rim and got a puncture. We could have played the cards safe and just stayed in position to secure second place but that’s not how we are. We want to fight to the end, we want to give the maximum and sometimes you lose but it’s worth it; I said that to Timmy. We gave it our all. Kevin did the same and in the end he was catching Eriksson and was right on his bumper. That was a thrilling fight and it also shows that both drivers gave everything to try to win.”


Round seven of the FIA World RX tour takes place in Canada, at the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières. It’s a unique challenge as the only street circuit on the 2019 calendar, which also features the longest straight of the season. The track’s long history is as a circuit racing venue but when rallycross comes to town, it becomes 40% gravel, where the wide start/finish straight narrows down and features a few twists, plus the joker. Team HANSEN MJP won this event in 2015 and 2016, so hopes are high for a repeat in 2019!


Hell, 16 June 2019 – Kevin Hansen went from the back row of the World RX of Norway Final to score a thrilling podium finish in Hell, going toe-to-toe with his championship rivals.

Team HANSEN MJP leaves Hell still leading both championships, with Timmy Hansen a single point ahead of Kevin in the drivers’ championship, while both drivers contribute to an 18 point advantage in the teams’ championship.

A tricky start on Saturday, where both Timmy and Kevin were repeatedly stuck in traffic, was turned around on Sunday morning with a 1-2 finish in Qualifying 3. Another strong run from both in Qualifying 4 put them on the first and second row of the grid respectively for Semi Final 2.

But there was a plot twist: a sudden downpour turned what had been a dry and sunny weekend into a wet weather Semi Final. With low grip on the front row, Timmy bogged down and dropped to last, mounting a heroic comeback and almost grabbing third place.

Timmy was beaten to that position by Kevin, whose late joker lap paid off and put him just in front of his older brother. A brilliant start from the back row in the Final put Kevin up to second place at the start, which briefly became first by passing Kevin Abbring for the lead.

Kevin dropped only one place when taking his joker lap and secured a very hard-fought second place, after a defensive masterclass over eventual winner Niclas Grönholm. He fell behind only due to a one second penalty for Kevin’s pass on Grönholm during the first lap in an otherwise faultless performance.



6th – Timmy Hansen

Qualifying 1   –  4th
Qualifying 2   –  6th
Qualifying 3   –  1st
Qualifying 4   –  2nd
Semi-Final –  4th

7th – Kevin Hansen

Qualifying 1   –10th
Qualifying 2   –  7th
Qualifying 3   –  2nd
Qualifying 4   –  4th
Semi-Final   –  3rd
Final – 2nd


Both drivers’ pace was great in the dry after an improvement in set-up late on Saturday. But that effort went out the window in the Semi Finals when it started raining heavily!

Hell lived up to its reputation. After the rain came down, the middle and back rows of the grid provided the best launch, while the front row was almost the worst place to start.

After picking up a position in Abu Dhabi due to another driver’s penalty, Kevin would be demoted a place in a similar manner. It’s all square now!

The big number


The number of qualifying sessions this weekend where Timmy Hansen set the fastest lap, including the outright fastest lap of the weekend.


“Though the Semi Final didn’t go our way, we scored some good points this weekend. We had a strong qualifying and that built a good foundation in terms of points. We kept ourselves in a good position before the rain came.

“The rain before the Finals was a big shock and turned everything upside down. We went through the entire season without wet conditions and suddenly it was fully wet. That meant we had to guess a few things and so we didn’t choose the right settings for the launch. I had a poor start and tried everything I could to get past, but couldn’t find a gap.

“Having Niclas back for this weekend was good to see, even if he beat us this time! It was nice to have a really good challenge through the weekend. If it had stayed dry we could have had a real battle on our hands. It was just not my turn today. I did my best, but today was not my day.”


“The first day was tricky. The speed was there but we had to start from the outside, which is really tricky in Hell. For the second day we adopted some of Timmy’s set-up, made some changes, and that seemed to make a difference.

“Looking at what happened when the rain came, starting from the second row for the Semi Final was a lot better than the first, so I was very happy to start there! We pulled off some amazing launches in the wet.

“I had to drive carefully in the Final as there was wiper fluid spraying everywhere inside the car! That also meant I couldn’t clear mud from the windscreen too. But we managed to cope with that well. Gronholm behind me pushed so hard but we kept our cool, did our thing and kept the grip all the way. With a good joker lap we managed to finish P2 but then got a penalty and were P3 instead. It’s not nice when you get a penalty but in the end I think it was a fair decision.”


“It was a bit of a mixed weekend for us. Saturday wasn’t ideal with a few mistakes from us as a team and some problems for the drivers out on the track. Sunday went much better but in the end, it wasn’t the result we wanted.

“Looking at the positives, we did learn a lot. We expected to have a little more speed here but we’ve learned a lot and there are some things we’ll do differently for the future, especially the next round at Höljes, our home event.”


It’s an exciting time of year for Team HANSEN MJP, as the team heads to its home round of the championship at Höljes. Team principal Kenneth Hansen is the most successful driver of all time here, taking five Division 1 European RX wins behind the wheel. Kevin also scored a Euro RX win here in 2016, but the team is still seeking an elusive first win in World RX after the nearest of misses in 2015. Hopefully 2019 will be our year!


Silverstone, 26 May 2019 – Timmy Hansen took a thrilling World RX of Great Britain victory at Silverstone, defeating Andreas Bakkerud thanks to a great strategy with a perfectly timed joker lap. Team HANSEN MJP team-mate and younger brother Kevin showed great speed all weekend but a small mistake cost him a chance to make the Final.
Saturday began in the best possible way, with Timmy and Kevin going fastest and second fastest respectively in Qualifying 1. It was a close fight, with Kevin sticking a stunning move around the outside to take the lead, only for Timmy to claw back time and resume the lead after joker laps had been taken. There was another formation finish in Qualifying 2, where both Timmy and Kevin were in the same heat once again, the former scoring Q2 victory and the latter going third fastest in the aggregate Q2 times.
Rain had fallen on Silverstone overnight, which meant both drivers being in the first heat would be a disadvantage. Timmy and Kevin were still 1-2 in their heat for a third consecutive time but ultimately would only place second and fourth in the session. Their positions then switched in Q4, which put both on the front row for Semi Final 1.
All appeared well in the Semi Final, with both Hansens running 1-2 yet again. Timmy and Kevin pulled away out front and both took their jokers on the last lap but a small mistake from Kevin when entering the hairpin, turning in slightly too early, put him nose-first into the tyre barrier and cost him 10 seconds. A second place had become sixth at the penultimate corner of the race.
Despite the setback, Team HANSEN MJP turned its focus straight to the final, in which Timmy was starting on the front row. His race was nearly over at the first turn when Timmy’s Peugeot 208 WRX was squeezed into the inside tyre barrier by Andreas Bakkerud, which inflicted minor damage to his car and dropped him to second place.
But a focused, determined Timmy regrouped and, with the help of a clever strategy from the team, jokered early and set the fastest lap of the weekend, taking the lead with one lap to go and delivering a stunning comeback victory.
A great weekend for Timmy put him straight into the lead of the World RX drivers’ championship, with Team HANSEN MJP still first and second, Kevin only four points behind Timmy in the standings. It was also a strong weekend in the teams’ championship, extending the lead to 25 points over GRX Taneco. After the disappointment of Sweden losing to Finland on Thursday in the IIHF World Championship ice hockey tournament, it was a nice bonus for the Swedish World RX team to beat the Finns three days later!



1th – Timmy Hansen

Qualifying 1   –  1st
Qualifying 2   –  1st
Qualifying 3   –  2nd
Qualifying 4   –  4th
Semi-Final –  1st
Final  –  1st

7th – Kevin Hansen

Qualifying 1   –2nd
Qualifying 2   –  3rd
Qualifying 3   –  4th
Qualifying 4   –  2nd
Semi-Final   –  6th


Timmy Hansen becomes the first driver in 2019 to take two World RX Final victories, following on from Team HANSEN MJP’s 1-2 finish at Barcelona.

Despite winning several World RX events during his career, this is the first time that Timmy has led the world championship.

Team HANSEN MJP has been on tour so far this year but the next two rounds are much closer to home: Hell awaits the Hansens in Norway, followed by Höljes in the team’s native Sweden.

The big number


The crucial time in milliseconds Timmy gained on Andreas Bakkerud between their respective joker laps in the Final, which put Timmy into first place to start the final lap.


“It was definitely hard today; Bakkerud found some good pace and won Q3 and Q4, as well as his Semi Final, so for sure it was tough to line up next to him. He squeezed me into the tyres at the first corner, so I was happy to be able to continue. I came out second and when I took my joker I did a great lap, so once he took his I emerged in the lead. I definitely had to work hard to get it, but it tastes even sweeter when that happens. Of course there were mixed emotions, especially after the Semi Final. We’re in this together. Kevin’s going to come back stronger, mistakes happen sometimes and I would have enjoyed to be up on the podium with Kevin this weekend but I hope we get to do that in Norway.”


“Saturday was really good, I think I had really good pace. The starts were amazing, I really felt at home and that I have upped my level quite a lot on Saturdays. Then on Sunday I was having good pace in qualifying but was struggling a bit with the reverse grid, it didn’t feel in our favour as in the end I was P3. The Semi Final was going really well and I had good speed behind Timmy, he was on fresh rubber and I wasn’t. I think it was a good Semi but just a small mistake in the end cost me a lot. It’s been a long time since I led a championship so it was nice to have it for four races, but now I want to take it back! Now I have led once, I know how it works so let’s take that lead back and keep it.”


« Saturday was really good, we had a strong performance, were 1-2 in Q1 and finished the day 1-2 which was perfect. Bakkerud came back quite strongly today and won Q3 and Q4 but we also had a very good day. The only bad thing was the small mistake from Kevin in the Semi-Final that cost him second place and he finished sixth.

“We had a big fight in the Final with a big push to try to overtake Bakkerud with a joker gamble, which we managed to do. This time the joker decision was very late. Timmy normally can feel when he wants to take the joker but won’t know what it looks like behind him. It’s my decision as I am the spotter for Timmy and I didn’t have time to see the time gap, but suddenly there was a big gap. In turn seven, before the split with the joker, I just had a feeling that we needed to call it and Timmy took the joker. We knew that Bakkerud had some hot tyres and was losing performance and it went very well for us.”


Team HANSEN MJP’s next stop on the World RX tour is closer to home in Hell, Norway. Unlike the first four rounds of the championship, it’s more of a traditional rallycross circuit, with plenty of history behind it. Those years were spent developing the circuit with good kerbs and no tyre stacks. In the words of Kenneth Hansen, it’s “proper racing” there and there’s a little evolution in the circuit. More than anything, though, it’s a track that drivers almost universally love, with plenty of undulation. We’ll see you in Hell on June 15-16.


Spa-Francorchamps, 12 May 2019 – A challenging first visit to Spa-Francorchamps for the World RX of Belgium gave mixed emotions for Team Hansen MJP. While Kevin Hansen missed out on a berth in the Final by less than a tenth of a second – colliding with Liam Doran mid-air while crossing the finish line – Timmy turned in a brillaint recovery drive in his Semi Final to make the Final and finish fourth overall.

A repeat of Barcelona, where a Hansen car topped every session on the way to a one-two finish in the Final, was always unlikely to be reproduced, though Timmy and Kevin’s pace was still very much on show. Timmy won his heat in Q1 but ultimately was only sixth quickest, while Kevin bogged down off the line and finished 10th. It was then 8th and 10th for Kevin and Timmy respectively in Q2, as trademark Ardennes rainfall made conditions very tricky.

Both Kevin and Timmy ended up in the same heat for Q3, with Kevin showing some great speed after a slow launch to go second fastest, even passing Timmy at the end of the second lap. Meanwhile, Timmy had spent the early part of Q3 in an intense battle with eventual Final winner Timur Timerzyanov, falling to fifth place after taking his Joker and going 10th fastest.

A brillaint Q4 performance from Timmy helped him rebound, going fastest to jump to fourth in the combined qualifying standings, while Kevin earned a second row slot for the first Semi Final by placing seventh in the aggregate qualifying standings.

Kevin started fourth in his Semi Final and was immediately battling Liam Doran, who took an early joker lap. Kevin’s strategy was the opposite, pulling off on the very last lap and coming out of the joker side-by-side with the Audi. With the two on different lines they collided in mid-air, Doran beating Kevin to third place by the narrowest of margins and pitching Kevin into the wall.

Timmy had started his Semi Final from second but was pushed wide into the wall at turn one by Janis Baumanis, dropping to fifth and forcing Timmy to do what he does best: mount an epic comeback. He passed Anton Marklund and Cyril Raymond when they took their jokers on consecutive laps, followed later by Baumanis, then turned in the fastest lap of the race to ensure he came out ahead of the Renaults and book a place in the Final.

Fourth place was Timmy’s reward in the Final, passing Doran after he crashed at the Raidillon hairpin and then taking Baumanis for fourth down the inside of the long final left hander on the penultimate lap. Though not able to finish on the podium, Timmy jumped from third to second in the World RX drivers’ championship, nine points behind Kevin who still leads. And while Team Hansen MJP was outscored by its main rival, it still leads the teams’ championship by one point, keeping them atop both championships after three rounds.


4th – Timmy Hansen

Qualifying 1   –  6st
Qualifying 2   –  10st
Qualifying 3   –  10th
Qualifying 4   –  1st
Semi-Final –  3rd
Final  –  4th

7th – Kevin Hansen

Qualifying 1   – 10th
Qualifying 2   –  8th
Qualifying 3   –  2nd
Qualifying 4   –  8th
Semi-Final   –  4th


Team Hansen MJP might not have got the result it wanted at Spa-Francorchamps but the brand new RX track has become an instant favourite for drivers and fans alike.

Though a podium in the Final eluded both Kevin and Timmy, they’re now one-two in the drivers’ championship after Spa-Francorchamps!

While the team’s closest rival scored a 1-3 finish in Belgium, thanks to strong performances in Abu Dhabi and Barcelona Team Hansen MJP is still atop the teams’ standings.

The big number


The margin of victory for Timmy Hansen in his dominant Qualifying 4 performance, with his 2m14.772s also the fastest qualifying time of the entire weekend.


“It was a tough race in Belgium, but I think we’ve caught up now after my accident on the first round of the season, as we’re up to second in the drivers’ championship. Our potential was really good all weekend – as we saw in Q4, which was the only opportunity I had to drive in clear air – but we didn’t completely maximise on it. But that can happen in rallycross sometimes; after the high of Spain, where we had a perfect weekend, it’s back to the real world now! The overall feeling is still great: we know that we’ve got the pace and a really quick car so we just need to make sure we take every opportunity. Finally, I’d like to congratulate Timur for his first win: it’s really deserved and I’m very happy for him.”


“The highlight of my weekend was definitely Q3, which was our strongest session. We had two really fast laps at the end, which I’m going to take away as a fantastic experience. Apart from that it wasn’t an especially good round for us: we didn’t quite have the performance and we made some small mistakes as well, especially with the tyre choice on Saturday. There were times perhaps where we should have been a bit braver, but it’s very easy to be wise after the event. In the end, I’ve kept the lead of the drivers’ championship so it was a good damage limitation exercise. We just need to learn from this now and try to make sure that we don’t create more situations where we are running in the pack and a bit vulnerable. Like they say, you make your own luck!”


« On a weekend that wasn’t especially strong for us, we still took away some good points and that’s the most positive thing about this weekend. We made some wrong decisions with tyre choice on Saturday, which meant that we had a lot of catching up to do on Sunday, and we also had a couple of bits of bad luck. But if you think that we were 10th and 11th on Saturday night, to end up where we did is quite good. And of course Kevin and Timmy are first and second in the drivers’ championship now, which is great. The track was a proper rallycross course: very challenging, and the organisers have a really positive attitude; there are already some things that they are learning for next year. I think that Spa is here to stay!”


The fourth stop on the FIA World Rallycross Championship tour is Great Britain, which takes centre stage at Silverstone’s SpeedMachine festival on May 25-26.

Making its debut on the calendar last year as a replacement for Lydden Hill, it’s an almost entirely flat circuit, bar a large jump early in the lap acting as the track’s centrepiece. That’s no surprise when you consider Silverstone was an airfield before being repurposed as a race track!

But it’s a good track for Team Hansen MJP, as Timmy holds the lap record and Sébastien Loeb scored a podium here last year.


Barcelona, 28 April 2019 – Team Hansen MJP recorded a sensational FIA World Rallycross Championship result, with Timmy Hansen winning every single qualifying session, his semi-final and the final, while championship leader Kevin Hansen made it a Hansen family 1-2 in the final for a unprecedented result in FIA World Rallycross history.

Timmy Hansen claimed his first 2019 WRX victory – the sixth of his career – with younger brother and Abu Dhabi winner Kevin Hansen finishing second. The Hansen name topped every session from the start of qualifying as they dominated in Barcelona. The incredible performances from Timmy and Kevin are reflected in the championship standings, with Team Hansen MJP leading the 2019 WRX Team Standings by 18 points, while Kevin remains on top of the 2019 WRX Driver Standings and Timmy climbs to third with his victory.

After a devastating first round in Abu Dhabi for Timmy, which required a complete rebuild of his Peugeot 208 WRX after a collision with Andreas Bakkerud, he proved himself as the driver to beat from the start of Q1 in Barcelona. Timmy won the opening qualifying session and every one after that, seizing a maximum allocation of qualifying points, while Kevin emerged second after the qualifying heats with impressive and consistent speed.

Their qualifying performances meant that the brothers were seeded separately for the semi-finals, as Timmy and Kevin lined up for semi-final 1 and semi-final 2 respectively. Both drivers took dominant victories in their semi-finals, with healthy leads of 2.148s and 2.525s for Timmy and Kevin respectively.

Timmy produced a faultless performance in the final to claim an untroubled victory, taking his mandatory joker visit on the last lap. Rounding off the Hansen one-two finish, Kevin put on a brilliant display of driving while employing some fine race craft to hold off his rivals. Kevin took his joker while running second on the fifth lap, passing Niclas Gronholm afterwards to take third with one lap remaining. On the final lap, Andreas Bakkerud took his joker, handing Kevin the opportunity to close in and pounce, claiming second in the closing stages of a nail-biting final.


1st -Timmy Hansen

Qualifying 1   –  1nd
Qualifying 2   –  1th
Qualifying 3   –  1st
Qualifying 4   –  1st
Semi-Final   –  1st
Final   –  1st

2st – Kevin Hansen

Qualifying 1   –  2nd
Qualifying 2   –  2th
Qualifying 3   –  5st
Qualifying 4   –  4st
Semi-Final   –  1st
Final   –  2st


Timmy bounced back from a disappointing Abu Dhabi to deliver a dominant and unbeatable weekend in Barcelona, becoming the third driver in WRX history to deliver a clean sweep.

The Hansen name will go down in history as the first siblings to claim a one-two finish on an FIA World Rallycross Championship event.

Timmy and Kevin also ensured that the Hansen name joins an elite club of families to have scored a sibling one-two in an FIA World Championship event: the other two are Michael and Ralf Schumacher in Formula 1, as well as Colin and Alister McRae in the European Rally Championship.

An enormous effort to simply be on the WRX grid at all this year has blossomed into incredible success, with Hansen leading both the drivers’ and teams’ championships after Barcelona.

The big number


The percentage of points available from a single FIA World Rallycross Championship event that Team Hansen MJP scored at Barcelona this weekend.


“I think this has been the best weekend of my career so far. We got off to the best possible start on Saturday, winning the qualifying heats, and then we won the semi-final too. For the final I lined up against Kevin, and we played a good team game as we agreed that we would give each other plenty of room. The final was perfect as well, and when I saw in my mirror that Kevin was behind me to finish second, that was a really special moment as well. I was actually feeling very emotional: this was the perfect revenge after everything that happened in Abu Dhabi. Now I’m just going to enjoy the moment and head to Spa with even more confidence.”


“We had a really good Q1 and Q2; then I had to get my elbows out a bit more in Q3 and Q4, but I really enjoyed it. I got the fastest lap of the weekend too, which made me really happy, as the ultimate pace compared to Timmy is perhaps the area where I’ve been lacking before, but now we’re getting there. Timmy did an amazing job this weekend; he really deserved to win. I wouldn’t say that he was completely uncatchable as there were times that I was close to him, but we drive each other on, which is perfect as it’s all about the team. Now I’ve extended my championship lead but this is not something that I’ve been thinking about much: we’re only on round two out of 10 so there’s a really long way to go.”


« I’ve been fortunate enough to have a lot of success in my career as a driver, winning many races and championships, but actually I think this feeling right now is even better. I can’t actually believe that it’s happened, so it’s going to take a while to sink in. There’s no way that we could have done better – so the expectation is even higher now, as the very best we could do from now on is equal what we have achieved now. And I think that will be very difficult to do, but of course we will try.

« I feel so happy and most of all so proud, both of what we have created with the Hansen MJP team but also as a dad. It’s hard to describe what it’s like seeing your boys finishing first and second, fighting so hard but so fairly. They think of the team first and they’re great friends. I think Timmy had something extra this weekend, while Kevin had to fight a bit harder, but they learn from each other all the time and that’s the biggest strength of our family team. »


Round three of the FIA World Rallycross Championship will be held at the iconic Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, which makes its WRX debut in 2019. Belgium has a long history in rallycross, with Spa replacing the Mettet round. Already a host to some of the greatest races in the world, Spa will be a new experience for all teams and drivers arriving at the atmospheric Belgian venue. Eau Rouge, perhaps the most famous corner in the world, is set to have a starring role in the Spa World RX of Benelux: will anybody dare to take it flat?


Abu Dhabi, 06 April 2019 – Team Hansen MJP experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows in Abu Dhabi during an emotional opening round of the FIA World Rallycross Championship. Kevin Hansen scored his first ever WRX victory in spectacular style, with victory in qualifying and his semi-final in addition to his final win, while Timmy Hansen’s weekend was cruelly curtailed early on by an enormous shunt which destroyed his car’s rollcage.

Both Timmy and Kevin had started the World RX of Abu Dhabi in brilliant fashion, finishing 1-2 in Q1. Timmy took the top spot once again in Q2 but his weekend ended shortly afterwards, being on the receiving end of a heavy shunt with Andreas Bakkerud. Crossing the start/finish line to begin the final lap, Timmy had just rejoined the track from taking his joker lap and was hit side-on by Bakkerud, who was disqualified for his part in the collision. A heroic effort from Timmy meant he nursed the car to seventh place in Q3 but rollcage damage to his Peugeot 208 WRX was too extensive to compete in Q4 or the semi-finals.

The whole team was understandably shaken by Timmy’s huge accident but regrouped around Kevin, who showed incredible resilience to press on and win both Q3 and Q4. With Timmy looking on from the spotters’ position in the Abu Dhabi grandstands, Kevin then scored a semi-final victory put him on pole for the final.

Kevin led most of the final, until being spun out at the hairpin by Niclas Grönholm in the latter half of the fourth lap. Grönholm was then given a three second penalty post-race for pushing and overtaking, restoring the lead which Kevin had held for much of the final to seal his first ever WRX win, and provide Team Hansen MJP a happy ending for a rollercoaster first weekend as a privateer team.


DNF – Timmy Hansen

Qualifying 1   –  1st
Qualifying 2   –  1st
Qualifying 3   –  7th
Qualifying 4

1st – Kevin Hansen

Qualifying 1   –  2nd
Qualifying 2   –  6th
Qualifying 3   –  1st
Qualifying 4   –  1st
Semi-Final   –  1st
Final   –  1st


Having come into the opening round with so many question marks as to the relative pace, Team Hansen now knows that it can run in the front, having won all the sessions it participated in: a promising start to the season!

The brand-new Abu Dhabi track proved to be an excellent rallycross venue, with plenty of exhilarating drama captivating the fans.

The competitive order around Team Hansen has shifted somewhat: GRX Taneco was Hansen’s closest rival in Abu Dhabi, scoring one point more for the teams’ championship in part due to Timmy’s absence from Q4 and the subsequent finals.

The big number


The number of points Kevin Hansen scored at Abu Dhabi by winning the Final, his Semi Final and also being Top Qualifier, the maximum possible from a single FIA World RX round.


“I’d describe today as an extremely abrupt end to what had been a perfect weekend. I was fastest in Q1, fastest in Q2 and for what it’s worth I think I would have been fastest in Q3. But then everyone saw what happened: Bakkerud thought it was the last lap, so he went flat out after the joker and basically drove into my driver’s door. It was a massive impact and the roll cage was pushed in towards my left leg, but I am OK, just a bit of bruising. It makes you realise how tough these cars are. Then, once I was out, Kevin saved my day. I was supporting him from the spotters’ tower: cheering him on and helping as much as I could. I’m incredibly proud of him, so a day of very mixed emotions. Mostly, I’m just really happy for him.”


“I think this was the craziest weekend of my career…so many emotions! Straight away we could see that we had good pace and that we were in the fight; then we had Timmy’s crash, which was a big low, then I had to focus on the semi-final and final, where we finished second. I was leading with a good margin over Niclas until the corner where he passed me: I felt a hit at the rear and I nearly spun. Straight away I thought it should be a penalty, but when it is with the stewards you never know how it will work out…and then after about an hour, I found out I had won; my first win! Of course you never want to win in the stewards’ room but in the end it wasn’t about that: it was all about the pace that we had right from the start of the weekend, which is a great sign for the future. Now we come away with 30 points, which is the best way to start the season.”


To come here and achieve what we did, as a private team again with so many question marks before the start of the season, is an amazing achievement and I’m so proud of everyone in the team. Now we know that we’re on the pace, which we could see from the very first session. But then I think nobody could have predicted what happened next, with the big crash for Timmy and then such a dramatic final for Kevin. In the end, he completely deserves this victory and I’m so happy for him. The damage to Timmy’s car was very bad, but now that we’ve had a chance to look at it, it’s definitely fixable, so we should see him out in the same car for Barcelona. Abu Dhabi certainly provided us with a start to the season that we’ll always remember!


Round Two of the FIA World Rallycross Championship will be held at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, which had previously been the season opener for the past two years. It’s a circuit that Kevin Hansen knows particularly well, securing the FIA European Rallycross Championship title here in 2016 with a round victory. Elder brother Timmy is definitely no slouch around here either, with two podium finishes in WRX to his name. Can he make it three this year? We’ll find out in three weeks time, as the WRX world tour rolls on to Barcelona in just three weeks time, kicking off on April 27.

Rodéo Texan pour le Team Peugeot Total

Sur le Circuit des Amériques à Austin, Texas, qui accueillait pour la 1ere fois une manche du Championnat du Monde de Rallycross, le week-end de course a offert un véritable rodéo d’actions et d’émotions !

La PEUGEOT 208 WRX Evo a fait preuve d’un potentiel de performance évident, avec une bonne vitesse et des progrès réalisés dans la stratégie de départ. Mais le résultat final ne traduit pas les ambitions de la Marque au lion : en finale, Sébastien Loeb termine à la 4eme place et son coéquipier Timmy Hansen 6eme – après avoir écopé d’une pénalité de 5 secondes suite à un contact avec Mattias Ekström.

Le Team PEUGEOT Total a relevé de nombreux défis : conditions météo aléatoires, changement de moteur sur la voiture #21 dimanche matin entre les manches qualificatives 3 et 4, réalisé en moins d’une heure. Également sanctionné par une pénalité de 5 secondes en Q2, Sébastien Loeb a vécu un week-end de course frustrant, souvent englué dans le trafic sur un circuit n’offrant presque aucune opportunité de dépassement. Le junior du team, Kevin Hansen, s’est une nouvelle fois montré très déterminé au volant de sa PEUGEOT 208 WRX 2018 ; il termine 7eme. Avec encore 2 manches à disputer, les mécaniciens et les ingénieurs de PEUGEOT Sport continuent de travailler d’arrache-pied afin d’atteindre leur objectif : gagner.


Bruno Famin, Directeur de PEUGEOT SPORT

“Le rallycross est une discipline extrêmement exigeante où il convient d’être parfait du début à la fin du meeting. Ce week-end, à Austin, ce ne fut pas le cas pour le Team PEUGEOT Total, soumis à des aléas sportifs et techniques.  Mais faut aussi noter des points positifs importants comme l’amélioration de nos départs et une très bonne vitesse globale de la voiture. Nous sommes conscients qu’il va encore falloir travailler dur pour atteindre notre objectif, qui est de gagner des courses. Pour y arriver, l’écart qui reste à combler avec la concurrence est infime, mais avec autant de voitures et de pilotes à un top niveau, et des courses aussi disputées, de très petits détails font une grande différence. Nous tirons un maximum d’enseignements de chaque course, et nous sommes convaincus que chaque course nous rapproche de notre objectif.’’

Sébastien Loeb, PEUGEOT 208 WRX Evo #9 – 4ème à Austin

« C’était encore une fois un week-end compliqué… On avait une bonne vitesse mais la pénalité en Q2 était très chère payée et a affecté toute la suite des évènements. Mon classement à l’issue des qualifs et donc ma position sur la grille de départ de la demi-finale s’en sont ressentis. La demi-finale s’est néanmoins relativement bien passée pour moi. Quand tu pars derrière, c’est difficile, et ça l’est encore plus particulièrement sur cette piste. J’ai fini 2eme de la demi-finale et 4eme de la finale. Le départ de la finale a été très rude : j’ai été violement poussé dans le 1er virage, dans le tour joker, du coup j’ai dévié vers l’extérieur et tout le monde en a profité pour passer à l’intérieur. Une fois que tu as joué ta carte du joker, tu n’as plus rien à sortir du chapeau… Au final, on a quand même marqué des points. On va continuer sur le même rythme et avec la même envie. Rendez-vous en Allemagne ! »

Timmy Hansen, PEUGEOT 208 WRX Evo #21 – 6ème à Austin

« C’était un week-end de course difficile, avec des hauts et des bas. On a dû se battre, j’ai fait de mon mieux mais honnêtement, c’était ennuyant, étant donné que cette piste n’offre aucune possibilité de dépasser. J’étais 5eme de la finale jusqu’à un contact avec Ekström pour lequel j’ai reçu une pénalité que je ne comprends pas mais que je suis obligé d’accepter. Je suis finalement classé 6eme. Ce résultat n’est pas la hauteur de mes espérances, mais je suis un compétiteur et je serai en Allemagne pour gagner »

Kevin Hansen, PEUGEOT 208 WRX #71 – 7ème à Austin

« On n’a pas pu aller jusqu’au bout ce week-end… Je pense que j’avais la vitesse nécessaire, mais c’était une demi-finale très difficile, avec un gros niveau. Évidemment je suis déçu de ne pas avoir transformé l’essai. Je pense que j’avais les bons ingrédients avec moi ce week-end et que j’aurais pu sérieusement envisager le podium. C’est dommage mais en même temps, j’ai eu un très bon feeling avec la voiture. Sachant à quel point ça a été compliqué pour nous de trouver les bons réglages sur les précédentes courses, je suis content d’avoir retrouvé ce genre de sensations. En résumé : je me sens un peu frustré dans l’immédiat, mais je vais continuer à aller de l’avant ! Estering est l’une des pistes que je préfère dans le calendrier, j’ai déjà hâte d’y être. Je vais mettre les bons ingrédients de ce week-end aux États-Unis dans mes bagages et les ramener avec moi en Allemagne. »


1. Johan KRISTOFFERSON – 03:31.118
2. Petter SOLBERG – 03:31.718
3. Andreas BAKKERUD – 03:32.813
4. Sébastien LOEB – 03:33.441
5. Mattias EKSTRÖM – 03:39.187
6. Timmy HANSEN – 03:35.954 + 5s penalty


1. Johan KRISTOFFERSSON / Volkswagen Polo R – 281 pts
2. Mattias EKSTRÖM / Audi S1 – 204 pts
3. Petter SOLBERG / Volkswagen Polo R – 202 pts
4. Andreas BAKKERUD / Audi S1 – 200 pts
5. Sébastien LOEB / PEUGEOT 208 WRX – 195 pts
6. Timmy HANSEN / PEUGEOT 208 WRX – 163 pts
7. Niclas GRÖNHOLM / Hyundai i20 – 124 pts
8. Kevin HANSEN / PEUGEOT 208 WRX – 113 pts
9. Janis BAUMANIS / Ford Fiesta – 79 pts
10. Timur TIMERZYANOV / Hyundai i20 – 77 pts
11. Guerlain CHICHERIT / Renault Mégane RS – 58 pts
12. Robin LARSSON / Ford Fiesta – 25 pts
14. Kevin ERIKSSON / Ford Fiesta – 25 pts
15. Anton MARKLUND / Renault Mégane RS – 13 pts
16. Grégoire DEMOUSTIER / PEUGEOT 208 WRX – 11 pts


1. PSRX Volkswagen Sweden – 483 pts
2. EKS Audi Sport – 404 pts
3. Team PEUGEOT Total – 358 pts
4. GRX Taneco – 201 pts
5. GC Kompetition – 130 pts
6. Olsbergs MSE – 50 pts

PROCHAINE COURSE (#11/12) – Allemagne – 13 & 14 octobre 2018

L’avant-dernière manche du Championnat du Monde FIA de Rallycross offrira un profil très différent de l’épreuve américaine : le circuit Estering en Allemagne est une piste de rallycross beaucoup plus traditionnelle, en pleine campagne, à environ 35 kilomètres de Hambourg. Le tracé, de moins de 1km de long, est rapide et fluide, avec un tour joker étroit. Si le circuit fait partie du Championnat du Monde de Rallycross depuis 2014, le site lui-même accueille des courses de rallycross depuis plus de 40 ans et attire chaque année une foule enthousiaste de fans de sport automobile.

Nouveau podium de Sébastien Loeb et de Peugeot en WRX à Riga

La 9ème épreuve du Championnat du Monde de Rallycross à Riga a été le théâtre d’une lutte très serrée, comme l’illustre le résultat de la 1ère manche qualificative du week-end, avec un écart de seulement 0,009 seconde entre les 2 premiers soit 23 centimètres sur la ligne d’arrivée ! À l’issue d’une compétition faite de multiples rebondissements, Sébastien Loeb termine 3ème – son 6ème podium de l’année (sur 9 courses disputées) et 3ème podium consécutif au RX Latvia. Si Timmy et Kevin Hansen n’ont pas réussi à percer sur les 6 derniers tours, et terminent respectivement 5ème et 6ème, le fait que toutes les PEUGEOT 208 WRX officielles aient pris part à la finale est une performance significative pour la Marque au Lion dans sa 1ère année d’engagement officiel en WRX. Au compteur, Sébastien Loeb s’affiche comme le 2ème performeur du week-end, et le Team PEUGEOT Total est l’équipe ayant marqué le plus de points (45). PEUGEOT Sport est compétitif et suit sa feuille de route ; prochain RDV sur le Circuit des Amériques dans 10 jours.


Bruno Famin, Directeur de PEUGEOT SPORT

 » Malgré une 1ère journée plutôt difficile pour nous samedi, avec des incidents dans la 2ème manche qualificative, nous avons été capables d’opérer une belle remontée dimanche, avec 2 résultats probants en qualif 3 et 4, qui nous ont permis d’être très incisifs ensuite en demi-finale. C’était une superbe course. La finale ne s’est pas passée aussi bien, et est en quelque sorte une bonne illustration des hauts et des bas d’un week-end de course typique en WRX ! Ce qui est positif, c’est que nous avons une nouvelle fois la preuve que la voiture est performante et très rapide, ce qui a permis à Sébastien de décrocher son 6ème podium en 9 courses. D’un autre côté, il est clair que nous avons encore du travail, comme nous l’avions prévu pour cette 1ère saison, notamment au niveau des procédures de départ. Nous continuerons à nous atteler à cette tâche, et à travailler sans relâche, avec assiduité et humilité dans les semaines et les mois à venir. J’adresse une nouvelle fois mes remerciements à toute l’équipe qui œuvre assidument en coulisses. « 

Sébastien Loeb, PEUGEOT 208 WRX Evo #9 – 3ème à Riga

 » Ce week-end s’est plutôt bien passé ! Nous avons bien démarré et réussi un bon départ en Q1. Ensuite la Q2 a été un peu plus compliquée, car nous avons frotté les barrières et perdu du temps. En Q3 et Q4, nous avions une très bonne vitesse. Le plus compliqué, c’est que les 3 constructeurs engagés sont à peu près tous au même niveau et qu’il n’est pas facile de se démarquer sur la piste, d’autant plus que nous avons des progrès à faire sur les départs. J’avais presque à chaque fois déjà perdu 1 place au 1er virage et c’est exactement ce qu’il s’est passé en finale aujourd’hui. Mais je suis très heureux d’être de nouveau sur le podium, bien sûr ! Nous devons simplement franchir ce cap, aligner les planètes pour décrocher une nouvelle victoire. Cela sera, bien sûr, notre objectif principal jusqu’à la fin de la saison. Il n’y a pas de miracle dans ce sport : il faut travailler dur et comprendre comment progresser, et c’est juste une question de temps pour le Team PEUGEOT Total. « 

Timmy Hansen, PEUGEOT 208 WRX Evo #21 – 5ème à Riga

 » Je suis satisfait du résultat global de ce week-end et je pense que cette 5ème place est assez juste par rapport à ma performance en finale. Je n’ai pas réussi un très bon départ, pas assez agressif sur les 1erstours, et il nous a manqué quelques éléments pour être en mesure de nous battre pour la victoire. Mais globalement, la PEUGEOT 208 WRX va très vite, et nous avons fait des gros progrès. La preuve, c’est que nous nous sommes qualifiés avec les 3 PEUGEOT en finale. Si nous continuons sur cette trajectoire, je suis certain que nous pourrons atteindre nos objectifs. Le temps fort de ce week-end pour moi a été la 3èmemanche qualificative : c’est une course que j’ai gagnée en faisant un run propre, en profitant de chaque opportunité sans être bloqué par les autres concurrents. J’ai vraiment pris beaucoup de plaisir à piloter la PEUGEOT 208 WRX sur cette superbe piste. Prochaine étape : les États-Unis, où je participerai d’abord aux Nitro Games organisés par Travis Pastrana, avant d’enchaîner sur la prochaine course de rallycross. Tout un – super – programme. « 

Kevin Hansen, PEUGEOT 208 WRX #71 – 6ème à Riga

 » Je peux dire que je suis plus que satisfait, et vraiment heureux en fait ! C’est la 4ème fois que je me qualifie en finale cette année, et avec mon équipe on a été consistant tout au long du week-end. Je crois que nous avons été capables de bien réagir après les difficultés rencontrées samedi. Cela semblait mal engagé mais avec l’aide de l’équipe, nous avons pu reprendre le dessus et nous avons réussi à revenir dans la course. C’est une chance de travailler avec des mécaniciens et des ingénieurs de ce niveau, ils sont extraordinaires, ils ne baissent jamais les bras. J’ai l’impression d’apprendre tellement avec cette voiture… Je compte poursuivre sur cette courbe de progression et continuer à faire des progrès ! « 

PROCHAINE COURSE (#10/12) – États-Unis, 29 & 30 septembre

La prochaine manche du Championnat du Monde FIA de Rallycross se déroulera dans 2 semaines seulement sur le Circuit des Amériques à Austin au Texas. C’est ce même circuit qui accueille le Grand Prix de F1. La piste de rallycross est entièrement nouvelle, et créée spécialement pour l’événement, entre les virages 12 et 15. Le site est comme un amphithéâtre, avec une vue qui surplombe l’ensemble du tracé depuis les gradins. L’événement promet d’être un véritable festival avec animations et concerts prévus en marge de la course.

Une épreuve à domicile sans pitié pour le team Peugeot Total en France

World RX #8/12 – Lohéac, 1/2.09.2018

Ce fut un week-end riche en émotions pour le Team PEUGEOT Total, en compétition à domicile, à Lohéac, pour la 8ème manche du Championnat du Monde FIA de Rallycross – le 3ème plus grand rendez-vous de sport automobile en France. En lutte pour la victoire, l’équipe française n’a pas su concrétiser en finale et conclut sur une note frustrante : une 5ème et 6ème place respectivement pour Timmy Hansen et Sébastien Loeb. La PEUGEOT 208 WRX Evo a néanmoins fait preuve d’un potentiel de performance évident, et de pointes de vitesse impressionnantes, poussée par la ferveur des quelques 80 000 fans qui avaient fait le déplacement. Le junior, Kevin Hansen, s’est montré très incisif et déterminé ; il terminera 1er réserviste à l’issue de la demi-finale. Le rendez-vous est donné pour la prochaine course en Lettonie, dans 2 semaines, où PEUGEOT Sport entend bien concrétiser avec un résultat à la hauteur de ses ambitions.


Bruno Famin, directeur de Peugeot Sport, a déclaré : « On a vu ce week-end à Lohéac toute la difficulté du sport automobile, et du rallycross en particulier, tout le plaisir et la frustration que ce sport peut générer. Il est clair que le résultat brut est en deçà de nos attentes, néanmoins nous avons vu de très belles choses. Le potentiel de la voiture est là, avec une bonne vitesse de pointe ; nous avons réalisé des très bons temps au tour. Sébastien fait une demi-finale d’anthologie, en remontant de la 6ème à la 2ème place, ce qui se voit rarement en rallycross – sans fait de course notoire, c’est à dire à la régulière. Le plus beau moment de la saison 2018 jusqu’ici ! Mais nous n’avons pas réussi à aligner toutes les planètes. Cela a commencé par un tirage au sort pas très favorable, puis des manches qualificatives qui ne se sont pas déroulées de la meilleure manière, des faits de course pénalisants comme le contact entre Loeb et Chicherit, qui mettent la voiture en panne d’assistance de direction, avec au final un 18e temps pour Seb en Q3, qui l’a fait dégringoler à la 12ème place au général. C’est toute la difficulté du rallycross ! C’est un cercle vertueux, ou vicieux : il faut assurer des bons résultats du début à la fin, peu importe les conditions. Ce week-end, même si ni la fiabilité ni la performance pure de la 208 WRX ont été remis en question, nous n’avons pas réalisé le résultat escompté. Nous avons encore du travail, nous devons nous améliorer et faire en sorte de se dégager une petite marge de sécurité, pour être moins sensible aux aléas et faits de course, et in fine, arriver en meilleure position en finale pour décrocher la victoire. »

Timmy Hansen, Peugeot 208 WRX Evo #21 – 5ème à Lohéac « C’était génial d’être ici, en France, à Lohéac, dans une atmosphère incroyable, devant tous ces fans qui sont venus soutenir PEUGEOT. Les tribunes étaient pleines à craquer ! Évidemment, j’espérais obtenir un meilleur résultat, pour le team et tous ceux qui nous encouragent. 5ème, ce n’est pas si mal, mais nous espérions faire mieux. Nous n’avons pas de déception à avoir car nous avons fait tout ce que nous pouvions, mais nous devons maintenant reprendre le travail, s’améliorer et bien finir la saison. Toutes les pièces du puzzle sont là, il faut juste arriver à les assembler. Nous avons déjà tout ce qu’il faut en terme de stratégie de départ, châssis et moteur ! » 

Sébastien Loeb, Peugeot 208 WRX Evo #9 – 6ème à Lohéac « Globalement, cela a été un week-end frustrant, notamment en raison de qualifications compliquées. J’ai hérité d’un mauvais tirage au sort qui m’a mal placé sur la grille en Q1 et je n’ai jamais réussi à sortir de cette spirale. Je me suis souvent retrouvé à subir, englué dans le trafic, à perdre du temps dans la bagarre et dans la poussière, alors que quand tu sors en tête du premier virage, la course prend forcément une autre tournure. C’est comme ça, c’est le rallycross. En sortant 12ème des qualifications, je réussis tout de même une bonne demi-finale en remontant 2ème. C’est le point positif du week-end. En finale, la bataille a été intense. Je termine 6ème, ce qui est bien sûr décevant mais pas si mal compte-tenu de ma 12ème place à l’issue des qualifications. Ce n’est pas le résultat que nous espérions mais nous devons l’accepter et avancer. Ce dont je suis sûr, c’est que nous avons toutes les clés en main et j’espère que nous pourrons tout mettre bout à bout en Lettonie. »

Kevin Hansen, Peugeot 208 WRX Evo #71 « Quel week-end ! Ça a été un peu difficile pendant les essais mais on est rapidement revenus dans la bataille. Nous avons réalisé de belles courses, on avait une top-vitesse, mais je n’ai pas réussi à conserver ce rythme jusqu’à la fin. Compte-tenu du nombre de voitures officielles engagées, je que c’est tout de même un résultat satisfaisant, de terminer aux portes de la finale. Je suis content de ma performance, même si j’aurais évidemment préféré aller en finale ! Je sais que je suis encore jeune et que j’ai beaucoup de choses à apprendre. Lohéac a toujours été une course spéciale pour moi, et c’était, cette année encore, incroyable d’avoir tous ces fans pour nous soutenir. Je repars rempli de ces moments inoubliables et formateurs ! »

Résultats de la finale de Lohéac

1. Johan KRISTOFFERSON – 03:44.787
2. Andreas BAKKERUD – 03:45.127
3. Petter SOLBERG – 03:45.571
4. Mattias EKSTRÖM – 03:45.945
5. Timmy HANSEN – 03:46.210
6. Sébastien LOEB – 03:46.362

Classement provisoire pilotes – après Lohéac
(manche 8/12)

1. Johan KRISTOFFERSSON / Volkswagen Polo R – 224 pts
2. Andreas BAKKERUD / Audi S1 – 165 pts
3. Petter SOLBERG / Volkswagen Polo R – 160 pts
4. Timmy HANSEN / PEUGEOT 208 WRX – 158 pts
5. Mattias EKSTRÖM / Audi S1 – 157 pts
6. Sébastien LOEB / PEUGEOT 208 WRX – 151 pts
7. Niclas GRÖNHOLM / Hyundai i20 – 95 pts
8. Kevin HANSEN / PEUGEOT 208 WRX – 86 pts
9. Janis BAUMANIS / Ford Fiesta – 68 pts
10. Timur TIMERZYANOV / Hyundai i20 – 66 pts
11. Guerlain CHICHERIT / Renault Mégane RS – 44 pts
12. Robin LARSSON / Ford Fiesta – 22 pts
14. Kevin ERIKSSON / Ford Fiesta – 15 pts
15. Tommy RUSTAD / Volkswagen Polo – 14 pts

Classement provisoire team – après Lohéac
(manche 8/12)

1. PSRX Volkswagen Sweden – 384 pts
2. EKS Audi Sport – 322 pts
3. Team PEUGEOT Total – 309 pts
4. GRX Taneco – 161 pts
5. GC Kompetition – 103 pts
6. Olsbergs MSE – 67 pts

Prochaine course – Circuit Bikernieki, Lettonie

La prochaine manche du Championnat du Monde FIA de Rallycross, 9ème épreuve sur 12, se tiendra dans 2 semaines seulement en Lettonie. Le circuit Bikernieki, rapide mais technique, est situé à 15 minutes du centre de la capitale, à Riga. La piste, de 1,294 kilomètre, est composée à 60% d’asphalte et 40% de terre. Sébastien Loeb y a décroché la victoire en 2016 et compte bien, avec ses coéquipiers Timmy et Kevin Hansen, réaliser un résultat solide au volant de sa PEUGEOT 208 WRX Evo.

GCK impressionne la foule lors de sa course à domicile, à Lohéac

2 Septembre, Lohéac, France

La huitième manche du Championnat du monde de rallycross de la FIA a accueilli 80 000 fans à Lohéac, en France, pour l’un des plus grands évènements de la saison. 25 supercars se sont affrontées sur le bitume et la terre battue, sous un soleil éblouissant. GCK a célébré sa course « à domicile » et le retour du pilote britannique, Liam Doran, après son hiatus de 2 ans, et les deux Ménages R.S. RX ont atteint les demi-finales.

Après deux jours de tests, en France, pour Guerlain Chicherit et le tout nouveau pilote GCK, Liam Doran, les deux garçons ont rapidement montré des vitesses prometteuses aux essais libres du vendredi. Liam Doran a surpris tout le monde avec le 5ème temps le plus rapide, et Guerlain Chicherit à signé le 12ème temps, qu’il a amélioré aux essais libres du samedi matin en remontant à la 9ème position.

Les choses se sont vite réchauffées quand Guerlain Chicherit s’est aligné sur la grille de départ, pris en sandwich entre Ekström et Baumanis, pour la 3ème course de la Q1. Après un bon départ Chicherit a été coincé au premier virage, il s’est donc retrouvé à l’arrière du peloton, d’où il s’est battu pour terminer 4ème. Juste après s’est déroulé la Q1 de Liam, qui était à la 5ème position sur la grille de départ tout à l’extérieur. Réalisant un dépassement par l’extérieur, il a battu Kristofferson au premier virage et prit la tête de la course pour le plus grand plaisir des fans. Kristofferson a réussi à dépasser Doran à la sortie du virage 3, qui à son tour a continué de poursuivre Johan jusqu’à la ligne d’arrivée qu’il a franchi en 2ème position. Liam s’est alors classé 8ème au général lors de sa première course après son retour en rallycross.

Lors de la Q2, Guerlain a rapidement franchi la ligne puis s’est replacé derrière Eriksson en évitant les contacts au premier virage. Guerlain a signé le 4ème temps le plus rapide de la journée en terminant 2ème, ce qui lui a valu la 11ème position au classement général. Pendant sa Q2, Liam a été poussé dans le gravier, ce qui lui a fait perdre du temps, mais il a rapidement pris le joker dès le premier tour et, est revenu sur les talons de Kevin Hansen, d’où il a continué sur son rythme pour rattraper Baumanis et terminer 4ème, il a ainsi terminé 10ème du classement général. Les deux Méganes R.S. RX étaient dans le top 12 après ce premier jour.

Le dimanche les deux pilotes GCK étaient déterminés à améliorer leurs temps, ce que Liam a très vite réalisé en remportant sa Q3, et en inscrivant le meilleur temps au tour pour la journée en cours. En dépit d’une course féroce et rapide, Liam a su éviter les collisions pour obtenir une solide 4ème place au général après la Q3. Guerlain a effectué un bon départ en Q3, mais un contact dans le premier virage l’a poussé dans la terre, d’où il a réussi à se sortir pour terminer 3ème derrière Timmy Hansen et Petter Solberg. Une conduite souple et agressive lui ont permis de passer le drapeau à damier devant Loeb et Kevin Hansen, se plaçant ainsi à la 8ème place du classement général.

Lors de la Q4, GC a terminé 3ème devant Baumanis et Eriksson. Après avoir réalisé un bon départ, il s’est battu dans le premier virage et a continué de pousser tout au long de la course, qu’il a terminé derrière Timmy Hansen et Petter Solberg. Liam a lui aussi pris un bon départ en Q4 et s’est placé derrière Kristofferson, quand un impact, provenant de l’une des Audi, dans le virage 2 l’a poussé dans le gravier. Il a continué de suivre les autres et franchi l’arrivée 5ème en réalisant un bon temps. Au terme des qualifications, Liam s’est classé 6ème et Guerlain 11ème, qualifiant ainsi les deux Mégane R.S. RX GCK pour les demi-finales.

Guerlain a affronté Ekström, Kristofferson, Timmy et Kevin Hansen ainsi que Grönholm, lors de la première demi-finale, tandis que Liam a affronté Bakkerud, Solberg, Timerzyanov, Eriksson et Loeb dans la seconde. Guerlain a perdu du temps dans le premier virage, mais a montré un impressionnant rythme et a terminé 5ème devant Grönholm. Une excellente démonstration des améliorations majeures effectuées sur la voiture et un grand tremplin pour cette nouvelle équipe.

Liam a réalisé un bon départ dans sa demi-finale, cependant, le contact en début de course lui a valu une crevaison et la 6ème position.

Guerlain Chicherit a commenté : « Quel super weekend ! Cela a pris des semaines et des mois de folie pour toute l’équipe qui travaille si dure afin de développer continuellement notre Mégane R.S. RX GCK le plus loin possible et essayer de nouvelles choses pour la rendre vraiment compétitive. Avoir Liam à bord pour Lohéac était génial – son expérience et sa contribution étaient non seulement utiles pour la Mégane mais aussi pour moi et ma conduite. Courir devant le public à domicile et voir l’incroyable soutien était le meilleur. Je suis si heureux que nous ayons pu leur montrer une belle performance, et leur donner une idée de ce dont la Mégane est capable. »

Liam Doran a ajouté : « J’ai absolument adoré ce week-end – je suis tellement content d’avoir eu l’opportunité de revenir en rallycross. La voiture est géniale, l’équipe est géniale et l’environnement professionnel est parfait ! C’était probablement le meilleur week-end de course pour moi, cela me permettait de vraiment me concentrer sur la course et de tirer le meilleur parti de la voiture – bien sûr, le résultat n’est pas tout à fait ce que je voulais mais c’est le sport auto. Travailler avec l’équipe pour améliorer la voiture et être en mesure d’aider également Guerlain était extrêmement satisfaisant ! Je suis enchanté d’avoir eu l’occasion de courir, et je pense que la décision de me donner cette chance et de la saisir était sans aucun doute la bonne. La Mégane R.S. RX GCK a un énorme potentiel et c’était formidable de pouvoir le montrer aux fans et aux autres pilotes ce week-end. »