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Superbike World Championship – Thailand, 12/13 March, 2016

Won by Two

Jonathan Rea and Tom Sykes shared the wins on the Buriram circuit. The two Kawasaki riders now hold the first two places in the standings.

The Races

After clocking in the same lap time to within one hundredth of a second during the qualifying session, Jonathan Rea and Tom Sykes were unable to settle the score during the races. The two Kawasaki riders each took a chequered flag. During the first round, Rea let his teammate take the lead for a good fifteen laps before attacking, and Sykes was unable to get it back.

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The next day, the reigning world champion tried his luck three laps earlier but Sykes stood firm and crossed the finish line first.

“In the first race I saw where Jonathan was faster than me,”

said Sykes.

“I knew where he’d try to overtake me in the second and I made sure he wasn’t able to. We also improved the behaviour of the bike between the two races.”

The Championship

With three wins and a second place in four races, Jonathan Rea is holding his own. The reigning world champion has even increased his lead in the overall standings of the Superbike World Championship since he now has a twenty-nine point lead over his teammate. Thanks to his second place in the first race and after winning the second, Tom Sykes has moved up four places.

The Background

Last year, Sykes had to wait until May to win a race. This season he’s in a much better position to challenge the supremacy of his teammate.

“I feel much better on the bike this year,”

said the Kawasaki rider.

“With the lighter weight of the crankshaft, the character of the engine is much more suited to my style of riding.”

For Marcel Duinker, his chief engineer, the 2013 world champion will be much harder to beat this season than last year.

“We’ve returned to specifications close to those that we used up until 2014,”

said the Dutch technician.

“Our engine has less inertia and the bike pushes much less during braking. It means Tom can brake harder before revving the bike back up to speed.”

The results show they’re right on course.

World Championship Qatar 205


The Citroën Total team finished its season with another two victories for Lopez and Muller, and said goodbye to Sébastien Loeb who will now fly the Peugeot colours in off-road rallies!

LOEB Sebastien (fra) Citroen C Elysee team Citroen racing portrait ambiance during the 2015 FIA WTCC World Touring Car Race of Argentina at Termas de Rio Hondo, Argentina on March 6th to 8th 2015. Photo Francois Flamand / DPPI.

Finishing on a high note

Double world champion, José Maria Lopez, scored his seventh pole position and clinched his 10th victory confirming his domination of the 2015 WTCC. Yvan Muller won the second race and overtook Sébastien Loeb in the battle for the runner-up spot. The Citroën Total team finished its second year in the WTCC with 21 wins in 24 races, the manufacturers’ title and a quadruple success in the drivers’ ratings!

 “By winning the races here with the titles already decided, José María López and Yvan Muller reminded everyone why they are the best drivers in the competition today. The whole team was terribly sad when it sunk in that this was Sebastien Loeb’s last race with us. A great chapter in the history of motorsport has ended today. We will always share a lot of fond memories with Sebastien.”

Yves Matton (Team Principal – Citroën Racing)


“I wanted to hold onto second place in the World Championship, but I knew it would be difficult and that Yvan would push hard to get the better of me. Even though there was only one point in it in the end, I have no regrets. I thank Citroën for that and for everything we have done together over the past 15 years. It was really emotional to be with the team for the last time today, but I’m looking to the future, and the challenges that lie ahead for me are exciting. I still have a few things I want to try before I call it a day!”

Sebastien Loeb (Citroën Total Team)

Grand Prix of China (Shanghai) 2015

World Champions!*

This weekend the Citroën Total team added another two victories to its tally in China and wrapped up its second manufacturers’ world championship title.

LOPEZ José Maria (arg) Citroen C Elysee team Citroen racing portrait ambiance MULLER Yvan (fra) Citroen C Elysee team Citroen racing portrait ambiance LOEB Sebastien (fra) Citroen C Elysee team Citroen racing portrait ambiance during the 2015 FIA WTCC World Touring Car Championship race at Shangaï from September 25 to 27th 2015, China. Photo Vincent Curutchet / DPPI.

Number 2!

The Citroën Total team had a dream weekend in China with two pole positions and two victories including a triple ensuring the manufacturers’ title with two rounds still to go till the end of the 2015 season.* The French team has again dominated its rivals with 17 victories in the 20 races held so far.

Lopez heading for a double

José Maria Lopez, winner of the first heat and third in the second won by an on-form Yvan Muller, tightened his stranglehold on the world title. The Argentinean, the reigning world no. 1, has been in a class of his own with eight victories already this season and he now has a 75-point lead. This is more than enough to win another title – in the next round in Thailand?

Yves Matton (Team Principal, Citroën Racing):

“First of all, I would like to thank our drivers for the work they have done and for their sense of fair play. Even with the best car and the best team, you can’t achieve these kinds of results without exceptional drivers. In particular, I would like to thank Yvan, who was the first to join us and made sure we were ready from the very start of the 2014 season. When we talk about Citroën Racing, that also includes all the staff at our technical centre. You don’t see them on the television, but they are an integral part of this World Championship title.”

 *Subject to the publication of the official results by the FIA.

Next round: Thailand (Buriram, 30th September-1st October)   



Japan race (Motegi) 13 September, 2015


The world no. 1 in the Citroën Total team scored his seventh victory in 2015 and opened up a big lead in the championship.  

Citroën or Citroën?

By winning the first race José Maria Lopez took a big step towards wrapping up his second world title. With three events (six races) left to run, mathematically speaking the world title cannot escape the drivers in the Citroën Total team. It looks like it will go to the Argentinean unless Yvan Muller or Sébastien Loeb can turn the tables on their team-mate. 

Objectives on Chinese territory

Although the Citroën C-Elysée WTCC drivers were unlucky in race 2 after putting on a spectacular display in the first heat, the Citroên Total team could well clinch the manufacturers’ title at the next round in Shanghai. Citroën must not give away more than 37 points in China. 

Xavier Mestelan (Deputy Team Principal – Citroën Racing):

“Despite carrying 60 kg of ballast, which is a major handicap on a circuit like this, we managed to perform well. First of all, I must pay tribute to Pechito López for his win. He got a terrific start and followed that up with a perfect race. Things didn’t go quite so well for him in Race 2, but that is sometimes how it goes when you’re in the pack. Sébastien Loeb, Ma Qing Hua and Yvan Muller put on a good show too, and I think the crowd here in Motegi has seen two entertaining WTCC races!”

 Next Round: China (Shanghai, 25 – 27 September)

Rallye of Portugal (Vila Real) 12 July, 2015

Lopez consolidates his lead – Ma scores his second win 

In Portugal the Citroën Total team dominated proceedings. The Argentinean world no. 1 won the first race and his Chinese team-mate scored another victory in the second.


Pechito shows who’s the boss!

The reigning world champion scored his fourth pole position of the season. While Sébastien Loeb, alongside him on the front row, looked like he might give the Argentinean a run for his money, it was never the case and Jean Maria Lopez went on to clinch his sixth victory in 2015. In race 2 he finished his fifth consolidating his lead in the world championship. 

Ma scores no. 2

Last year, Ma Qing Hua made motor racing history by becoming the first Chinese driver to win a race in an FIA world championship when he triumphed in Russia. In Villa Real he scored his second victory in the WTCC in race 2 in front of another Citroën C-Elysées driven by Frenchman, Yvan Muller. 

Yves Matton, Team Principal Citroën Racing:

“We end this first long portion of the season with everything looking strong; 14 victories in 16 races, our four drivers leading the World Championship and a nice lead for Citroën in the manufacturers standings… We are delighted with the performance of Ma Qing Hua, who solidified this increase in performance with a win. Our four drivers have all won this season, and we can head to the Asian swing with confidence.”

Next Round: Japan (Motegi, 11 – 13 September)

France (Castellet), June 28, 2015

Citroën Racing holds its own on home turf!

The French team consolidated its leadership in both championships with the C-Elysées WTCCs scoring a one, two, three, four in race one after which José Maria Lopez  clinched victory in the second heat.

Loeb’s premier!

Sébastien Loeb racked up his very first pole position in the FIA WTCC and took full advantage of it to win the first race, his third victory of the season and his fifth in the WTCC. Following him home were Yvan Muller, José Maria Lopez and Ma Qing Hua as the French Citroën Total team filled the first four places after a superb display. Loeb wasn’t as fortunate in the second heat as he went off and retired.

Auto - WTCC Paul Ricard 2015

“Pechito” gets back on top

In the last two meetings the reigning world championship and 2015 leader saw Muller making huge inroads into his lead. “Pechito” fought back and put things right in race 2 with a victory that helped him open up the gap over his Alsatian rival to 39 points. Ma Qing Hua was also on the podium, his first top-3 finish since Marrakech.

Sébastien Loeb: “First of all, I was really pleased to be starting from pole position for the first time in the FIA WTCC. I didn’t get a great start. I didn’t handle the clutch well and I found myself battling to hold on to my position in the first lap. After pulling a few lengths clear thanks to the scrap between Yvan and Pechito, I was able to drive with greater peace of mind. I got a good start in Race 2 but I made a stupid mistake. There was just too much damage and I had to give up. Despite notching up my third win of the season, it’s not been a positive meeting for me overall, as I’ve fallen further behind in the Championship.”

Next Round: Portugal (Vila Real, 10 – 12 July)

Slovakian Grand Prix, 21st June, 2015

Loeb back in the winner’s circle!

After a below-par performance in Moscow, the Citroën Total Team was back on top monopolising the podiums on the Slovakiaring. Sébastien Loeb took advantage of this to get back in the winner’s circle!


Two triples for Citroën Total

Yvan Muller scored his 45th victory in race 1 ahead of José Maria Lopez and Sébastien Loeb. In race two the nine-time world rally champion got the better of his team-mates leading home Lopez and Muller. The Citroën C-Elysées were on another planet in Slovakia.

Seb racks up no. 4!

Sébastien Loeb, who won in Argentina at the start of the season, added another victory to his tally in race 2. The Frenchman made a stunning start from eighth on the grid and was up into second place after the first corner; he then made short work of Gabriele Tarquini a lap later. The former world rally no.1 has now scored four wins in the WTCC.

Carlos Tavares, CEO, PSA Peugeot Citroën:

“Citroën Racing has once again shown its combative qualities and its strong team spirit. The team is an example for the whole PSA group, showing us what we have to do each day: push ourselves to the limit to achieve things we have never done before. We have to do that every day, working together and trusting each other.”

 Next Round: France (Paul Ricard, 26 – 28 June)

Russia Grand Prix – 7 June, 2015

Yvan Muller does a good day’s work in Moscow

 The French won the first heat on the Moscow Raceway and then scored more points in the second helping him to move up to second place in the overall classification 35 points behind José María López, his team-mate in the Citroën Total squad.

A record increased to 44 victories

Yvan Muller won the first race from pole on Sunday after fighting off the attacks of his teammate, the reigning world no. 1, José María López from Argentina. It was the 4th time world champion 44th victory in the WTCC, and his third this season. The Alsatian started from tenth on the grid in the second heat and bagged the points that went with sixth place in an action-packed race. He has reduced the gap to López by 16 points, and has snatched the second place from Sébastien Loeb in the overall classification.

Honda and Lada shine

Portuguese driver Tiago Monteiro (Honda Civic) had not won a race in the WTCC since 2013. His victory in the second heat helped him consolidate his fourth place in the overall classification behind the Citroën Total drivers. Lada also put on a standout performance on home turf with two cars in the top four in the second heat, its best result. 

The C-Elysées hungry for revenge in Slovakia!

This weekend, Citroën’s domination came under threat and a strong fight back is expected from the French team in 2 weeks in Bratislava.

 Yves Matton, Team Principal, Citroën Racing:

 “This weekend in Moscow has been a great sporting show, with performance levels much closer than we have seen previously. When we get to the next few circuits and the compensation weights are adjusted, we will see whether this was a one-off or a lasting trend.”











Germany Grand Prix

Kings of the Ring

 The Citroën C-Elysée WTCC wins twice on the legendary Nürburgring’s Nordschleife.






 A hat trick to start

José María López wins the first race ahead of Sébastien Loeb and Yvan Muller. The Argentinian world number one has won every race 1 from the beginning of the season. 

One-two to conclude

Whatever the reverse grid, Yvan Muller and José María López took the best on all their rivals over a second lively race to offer twice the Citroen Total team. 

A significant advance

José María López now has 50 point lead over Loeb in the standings, ahead of Yvan Muller that length. In the Constructors’ Championship, Citroën Total has 115 points over Honda. 

Linda Jackson (CEO – Citroën):

“I’m delighted with my first weekend on the ground with Citroën Racing. First of all, of course, I must pay tribute to the team’s excellent results on the track. A treble and a double are just reward for the hard work of a team of passionate professionals. I was also impressed by the sheer talent of the group of drivers assembled by Yves Matton, particularly on this circuit! The Nürburgring and the Nordschleife are renowned in the motorsport world, so Citroën can be proud that its C-Elysées have come out on top here.”

 Next meeting : Russia (5-7 June)

Hungary Grand Prix

Citroën falls on a tough rival!

 After Lopez and Muller scored a double in the first heat, the C-Elysées were beaten in the second one by national Hungarian star Norbert Michelisz.










Lopez opens up a gap

Thanks to a stunning start from third place in the first heat, the Argentinean scored his third win of the season increasing his lead over his team-mates and rivals in the championship even further. 

Pole for Muller

The Alsatian put an end to Lopez’s domination in qualifying. Unfortunately, he made an average start in the first race, which condemned him to second place as overtaking on the tight Hungaroring is well nigh impossible.

A top-3 with no Citroëns!

For the first time in ages there were no Citroëns in the top 3 in race 2 won by Norbert Michelisz (Honda Civic Zengo) from the Chevrolet Cruzes driven by Coronel and Valente.

Yves Matton (Citroën Racing Director):

“We knew it was going to be a difficult weekend as we had to carry 60 kg ballast on the twistiest circuit of the season. Overall, we’re satisfied with this weekend and we’re already looking ahead to the Nürburgring, which will be one of the highlights of the championship!”

Next round: Nurburgring, Germany (15-17 May)